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I was extremely impressed by the service, dentist, clinic staff and atmosphere.  I have recommended the center to several people since returning to Australia and am sure they will be as pleased as me with everything.  The only suggestion I could make would be to have water or cold drink available.




Keep everything the same as it is.
The service, dentist, staff and clinic's atmosphere was great.
I’m looking forward to my next visit. Everything about Thailand was great.

Thanks for everything



Thanks for the great service.  Everything was fine.  No long waiting, nice staff and very comfortable office.
I will be back for good cleanings on my next visit.


7 Days without God makes one weak!


Dear Dr. Kris, Kathie & all the staff,
To be honest with you, I can’t think of any suggestions that could improve the level of service you all gave me. So this email is more like a thank you. You all did an amazing job.
Not just from a professional point of view, but you all made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you for organizing the hotel etc. and providing rapid responses to any questions I had prior to my arrival in Pattaya.
Again, Thank you all very very much for everything. I will be more than happy to recommend your services and clinic to those whom I know and have no hesitation in returning to Pattaya to use your service in the future.
Until we meet again, Thank you very much and Please take care of yourselves.



i was totally pleased with the professional treatment and service I received and will recommend your service to anyone visiting Pattaya and will take advantage when I next visit personally..



I'm very pleased with the work I got done while I were there you all were very nice and professional. Everyone likes my smile and I referred all my friends to visit your web-site. The dentist was friendly and explains each step of the way, how he did it, how long would it take. Everyone would appreciate a dentist like that.  The staffs were kind and offered any kind of advice you needed and the clinic were clean and cool.



Thank you for your enquiry as to my opinion and suggestions to improve your service and your business.
I have been a client of yours for only a short while and I would recommend you at all times. I have been impressed with your pain free treatment and advice to keep my dental health improving as I have further treatment on my visits to Pattaya.
I have been impressed by your attention to cleanliness and courtesy most of all.
Keep up the good work.







Pattaya Dental Prices
by Central Pattaya Dental Clinic, Reasonable Dental Fee


type of treatment
thai baht
Regular Check-up &Consultation
Intraoral X-ray 150-400 /film
NightGuard 3,000 /tooth
Study models 500
professinol teeth cleaning 600-1,500
Fluoride application 400
Sealant 500-800 /tooth
1 surface  filling-Amalgum 600-1,000 /tooth
2 surface filling 800-1,500 tooth
3 surface filling    1,200-1,500 /tooth
Diastema closure(space closure) 1,500-2,000 /tooth
Canine over contouring 1,000 tooth
Diamond implantation 1,000 tooth
    Root Canal Treatment
Front tooth (incisor to canine) 4,000 /tooth
Back tooth (premolar) 5,000-7,000 /tooth
Back tooth (molar) 8,000-10,000 /tooth
Simple Tooth Extraction 600-800 /tooth
Complicated Tooth Extraction 800-1,200 /tooth
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth 1,500-4,000 /tooth
Acrylic partial denture Base 1,500+500 /tooth
Metal partial denture Base 7,000+500 /tooth
Full denture:Acrylic base 16,000-20,000 /price
Metel-Ceramic crown
Standard  Crown (silver) 8,000 /tooth
Palladium 10,000/tooth
2% Gold   /Titanium 11,000-13,000/tooth
54% Gold  Crown 18,000*tooth
High gold crown 22,000*tooth 
All ceramic crown(metal free)
Empress E-max 13,000/tooth
Procera 13,000/tooth
Zirconia (Cercon) 13,500 /tooth
Standard bridge (silver) 7,500 /tooth
Palladium bridge 9,500/tooth
2% Gold / Titanium bridge 11,000-13,000/tooth
54% Gold bridge 12,000-15,000*tooth
High gold bridge 17,000-20,000*tooth 
Empress bridge 13,000/tooth
Procera  bridge 13,000/tooth
Zirconia (bridge) 13,500 /tooth
Composite veneer 4,000 /tooth
Ceramic veneer Empress Esthetic 8,500 /tooth
Ceramic veneer E-Max 12,000 /tooth
Dental Implant 40,000-75,000/tooth
Laser (Doctor smile) 7,900
Cool light 4,900
Home whitening 5,500
Teeth Whitening With Promotion
Regular orthodontics treatment 35,000-40,000
Retainer 2,000/piece


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